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If you suspect you have found a pet scam involving South African email addresses, and/or telephone numbers linked to South Africa, please look here:


Please try and save all email headers as well. Google it for help on how to do it!

Also feel free to send details of all puppy scam websites, regardless of country, which will be forwarded to AA419, an international anti-fraud group, for termination. Include as much information as possible.

More websites where you can report fraud - the more times you report it, the better. 

If you have been the victim of internet fraud, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center, www.ic3.gov


Help prevent fraud by visiting the South African Fraud Prevention Service www.safps.org.za


It is written in the Bible, "O God, you hate all who do wrong. You destroy those who tell lies; deceitful men, the Lord abhors." Psalm 5 verses 5 & 6

Suspicious Photos

If you feel the photo that the "breeder" has put on a website is not right, check here to see if it has been copied off another website.

Right click on the pic to get the URL (web address) of the pic. It may say "view image." It starts with http://

Now we put the address into TinEye at http://www.tineye.com

Suspicious websites

If  you discover a website has been set up by a scammer, report it here - www.petscams.com   The more folk that report it, the more likely it will be shut down.

If you think a website may be copying articles and adverts from another website, go to http://www.copyscape.com and plug in the URL

Examples of scam ads     That forwarded email - is it spam?  

Blog you can discuss scams on http://antifraudintl.org

Do copy the link to this page from your facebook page and website. The more we can spread the word, the quicker we can collect information on scams and help to prevent it.

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