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Dogs:  Weimaraner


Weimaraners are thought to have originated in Germany where they were used by the nobility for hunting. They found favour with Grand Duke Karl August of Weimar who popularised the breed. The Weimaraner was exported to USA and later UK. Breeds develop gradually over time. Read the early history of dogs: - how breeds develop. The Weimaraner we know today has changed little since 1810.

Weimaraner Breeder

Laverne Layland, Tel. 0342124957, cell 0829621013. email weimaraner007@gmail.com, Webpage: Weathervane


Weimaraners are strong, active dogs, who need firm handling. Some have been trained as police dogs. 

They were used to hunt fur & feather, so any cat that runs from them may be killed! Puppies that grow up with cats will not attack them, but will see them as members of their pack. 

Weimaraners can have long or short hair. The colour can be silver or mousy-brown. They are often called, "Grey Ghosts." The eye-colour is distinctive, being yellow or blue. They have drooping ears. 

Height at shoulder: males 61 - 69 cm, females 56 - 64 cm.

Class: Gundog

Weimaraner hunting CH Sabaka Mist Falcon (NSD).  He is a champion Weimaraner who does very well in the field. He belongs to L. Bosch, South Africa.
a long-haired Weimaraner with long tail A longhaired Weimaraner
Above: Boyd, a longhaired Weimaraner, belongs to P. Rice of Johannesburg. 

longhaired weimaraner puppy with fluffy long hair on ears

Left, Hettie - a 9 week old long haired Weimaraner puppy, belongs to Samantha Jones, Wellingborough, UK


Two young Weimaraners


Casper and Lola belong to L.Bosch, South Africa



Silver weimaraner puppies chewing each other Little weimaraner puppies


God has given Weimaraners beautiful unusual eyes! One wonders what God's eyes are like! "Does he who made the eye not see?" 

Yip! God has eyes, and he sees us!

Psalm 94, 9


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