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Dogs - Welsh Terriers


About Welsh Terriers

Welsh terriers' antics make me smile and laugh. They are clowns, and once they think you are amused they won’t stop. They are such happy little dogs that want to have fun and if you don't provide it they will. It is amazing how inventive they can be. Terriers will demand attention, but also love to go off and do their own thing. They love people, but they have lot of other interests too. The Welsh may demand attention but not incessantly.


Welsh terriers are independent dogs. This can make training harder because they are not hanging on your every word. They have their own minds and they use them. Welsh terriers are usually very intelligent. They learn very quickly and sometimes will outsmart you.

Strong Willed

Welsh terriers can be strong willed. They need clear limits and someone who will make them behave. If you are very permissive and let bad behaviors slide, the Welsh terrier will walk all over you. You will soon be under Welsh government. You need to be firm, mean what you say, and back it up. But you should never be nasty or harsh with a welsh terrier. You need to believe you are the leader, and what you say goes.


Welsh terriers are active dogs and love to play. They need daily walks and playtime. You will also experience 'tail tuck runs'. This is when the terrier tucks his tail and runs as fast as he can around the yard or in the house sometimes ricocheting off furniture. These are hysterical to watch. When Welsh terriers play, you may see the 'butt slam'. This is where they swing their body around so their butt slams into another dog. I have never seen another breed do this, but have heard several people mention that their welsh does this.

A Little Altitude

Welsh terriers tend to love high places. Many owners occasionally have found their dog up on kitchen and dining room tables. If you have a table in the backyard, expect to see your welsh terrier on it. They are very agile. My welsh terrier loves to jump straight up and down when he is excited. Welsh terriers can be great at agility; they have a blast on all of the obstacles.

Water Antics

Some welsh terriers love water and others will have nothing to do with it. Some welsh terriers like to dig in their water bowls, getting water everywhere. When my welsh terrier overheats she will soak her front feet in the water bowl.

Other Animals

Welsh terriers were bred to be hunters. There main purpose was to 'go to ground,' this means they had to have the courage to follow dangerous prey into a confined area. This courage and determination that was bred into the Welsh terrier is still strong today. Because of their strong prey drive Welsh terriers tend to go after rodents and squirrels with a vengeance. Having a hamster in the house is usually not a good idea when you have a terrier. Terriers will need training to be able to coexist with cats. It is better to start off with a puppy if you have a cat. My Welsh are very good with a cat, the ducks in the garden and a free range parrot. She will sometimes play with the parrot but this needs supervision, since it can become too rough. 


Welsh terriers are good with children if the children are good with them. No dog does well with teasing and tormenting, and the welsh terrier is no exception. With their high energy they have no problem keeping up with the kids.

Welsh terriers are not known to be obedient dogs. Traditional training methods bore the living daylights out of the terrier. When a terrier is bored, he will find something fun to do (like grab a sock from the dirty washing pile and begging you to try and retrieve it, normally without any success) Welsh terriers can be very inventive. When you train your terrier, you must create the desire for your terrier to please and obey you. The terrier is free thinking.

Welsh terrier with shaggy unclipped winter coat.

Welsh terrier playing with Jack Russell

Welsh terriers are brown with a black saddle. Puppies are dark when small.


Welsh terrier puppies playing a rough game

Two Welsh terrier puppies explore the garden

A Welsh terrier will test and question the limits. They are not blindly obedient, but a thinking dog. That's how God wants us to be. We should use our head and think through the rules then we'll see that obeying God is for our own good.

Welsh terriers are similar to Irish terriers & Airedale terriers

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