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Dogs - German Wire Haired Pointer

German Wire-haired Pointers have long, rough coats, shaggy eye-brows and beards. This coat helped to protect the dog from the elements in the German snowy winters. Regular brushing helps to keep the coat in good condition. His large build makes him an intimidating guard dog. The Wire-haired Pointer is used in Europe today to hunt all types of game. He likes to be out in the country running free. 

Height dogs: 60 - 67 cms at shoulder, bitches 56 - 62 cms.

Colour: solid liver (brown), liver and white, or black and white. 

Class: gundog.

German wire haired pointer puppies

German wirehaired pointer puppy with bright expression

German wire haired pointer puppy playing with a toy bird


Puppy being trained to be a bird-hunting dog!


German wire haired pointer side view. Grizzly coat & beard

Zabush Schpatz

German wire haired pointer 

Shown by Gordon Stewart, South Africa


German wire haired pointer, black with white markings

This German wire haired pointer belonged to Wynand van Staden, South Africa


Our pets lift their eyes to their master adoringly. When they die, they adore another Master, and say, "I lift my eyes to you, whose throne is in Heaven."  Psalm 123 verse 1


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