Breeder of Beagles



Angelique Bezuidenhout

Cell No: 0829401145

E-mail: angelique.bezuidenhout76@gmail.com


Breeder holding two sweet beagle puppies


We adopted our first 2 beagles in 2008 and fell head over heels in love with the breed. We had small children at the time and were amazed at the beagles' gentle, yet playful and energetic nature, even thought they were already full grown and had not previously lived with children.
We did some research and bought our beautiful Mieke in 2014. A few years later we bought our stud boy Bailey and so we have ended up with 4 beautiful, lively beagles as part of our family. We live on a large property just outside of Durban in Waterfall, where our beagles have plenty of space to play and run around without restriction.
Our puppies are all innoculated and dewormed at 3 weeks and 6 weeks. They are also all KUSA registered and have a microchip implanted before leaving to their new homes at 8 - 10 weeks of age.
Having a pack of 4 beagles, means that the pups are well socialised, but we still recommend obedience training, as Beagles are VERY intelligent and will wrap you around your little pinkie before you know it.
Beagles thrive in packs and can often be destructive if left alone. We always suggest to our buyers to ensure that your beagle has company throughout the day. Whether it be another dog or humans. They just don't like to be alone. They need lots of exercise and love to be cuddled.
There are no breeding restrictions on our pups, however we do suggest spaying or neutering around the age of 6 months to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
Delivery of puppies can be arranged at the buyer's cost. We can also arrange flights for the pups within South Africa.
Our next litter will be born in Mid-September and ready for their new homes in November 2019  (8 - 10 weeks after birth)

Our beagle family, asleep


3 beagle puppies

more beagles

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