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A litter of French bulldog puppies


Ironel Lotter



Twin French bulldog puppies

 French bulldog puppies


A pied French bulldog

A pied French bulldog


A fawn French Bulldog with a black face

A fawn French bulldog


a brindle French Bulldog

A brindle French Bulldog


When I see my frenchies they always succeed in putting a smile on my face. With their funny way of doing everything and playfulness, they give me a lot of joy. They are deeply affectionate and have a good sense of humour. They are quite alert and territorial. Suitable for flats and townhouses.

The coat is short, smooth, and easy to keep.

French Bulldog puppies are sometimes available. KUSA registered, inoculated, dewormed and will have a micro chip implanted. Breeding restrictions and contract.  I do export dogs and I fly most of my dogs to Johannesburg or Durban. To Cape Town I deliver most of the times, sometimes they fly.


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