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 Avantgarde Kennels

Breeder of Maltese



Ironel Lötter


email  ironel@vodamail.co.za

Me and my dogs.

My first puppy ever was a Maltese. Her name was “Ploom”. She was my shadow. She came with me wherever I went. We were very involved in horse shows during those years therefore “Ploom” travelled all over South Africa with us. She made sure that she had front row tickets to every class that we participated in. She used to sit in the middle of the ring to give us her full attention and support. Over the years she became a familiar face amongst our fellow horse riders. Everyone loved her. It took me over 20 years to get over her death, but today I am the proud owner of two Maltese that give me just as much love and affection as “Ploom”.


Very Active
They need regular grooming because the coat grows long, and hair must be kept out of the eyes.


Adult dog with long hair

A litter of puppies


The legals

I register my puppies with KUSA and give a registration certificate to the buyer. Puppies have a microchip implanted. Breeding restriction.

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