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Belle La Vie

Breeder of French Bulldogs


The breeder with French bulldogs


Gusta-Mari Deck
Cell No: 074 589 9068


I have always loved French Bulldogs. From my very first one, they fascinated me with their funky personalities, batpig appearances and insane intelligence. They made my life more beautiful and became indispensable in many ways. My inner nerd found kindred spirits. From there our kennel name, Belle La Vie was born.

At Belle La Vie our pups are raised as part of the family. We aim to produce physical quality and emotionally stable youngsters that can adapt to their new homes quickly.

Frenchies are versatile, cunning and intelligent little dogs with lion hearts and carebear mentalities. Frenchies tend to stalk you and be in close vicinity always. The little characters love to invade your personal space. So when getting one, do your homework, if you do not like a clingy-needy type of relationship, one of these might not be for you. Trust me, you will never soak in peace in the tub again...

That said, they require a healthy diet, access to shelter, drinking water and they are better adapt for indoor living in South Africa. As a snub nose breed they can overheat easily and they become heat-seeking missiles in winter.

Different colours of French bulldogs

All our puppies go to their new homes vaccinated, dewormed and have a microchip already implanted. They are available from 8 weeks, but my preferred rehoming-age is 12 weeks, when your puppy is fully vaccinated.
They will be KUSA registered. The Kennel Name, "Belle La Vie", is registered with KUSA.The buyer will receive a puppy starter pack. We also include travel where possible to assist easy transition to their new family.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Lots of Belle La Vie hugs and love from the Northern Cape

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