Dogs - Bichon Frisť

Bichon Frisť is a French name, pronounced Bee-shahn Free say. It translates as "Curly Lap Dog".

The Bichon Frisť is thought to be a descendant of the French Barbet, or water spaniel. Up until the 1600's the dogs were kept exclusively by the French royalty. After wars and social change, the dogs became available to anyone. As the French traveled the world, the dogs became more widespread. 

Early in the history of the breed, the dogs were recorded in the Canary Islands, off the north west coast of Morocco. Bichons developed into one of the largest in the Toy group.


Bichons owned by F. Hattingh

History of dogs & the development of breeds.

The Bichon is a tough and healthy dog. They look small, but are sturdy enough for play and exercise.
They are active, alert, and curious. They are also highly trainable with gentle handling. "A cheerful attitude always is the hallmark of the breed".

A small, white dog, the Bishon Frisť is similar to the Maltese, and to the Toy French Poodle.

What sets the Bichon apart is the type of coat. Bichons have a double coat: a dense fluffy undercoat and stiffer guard hairs. Regular grooming is essential to keep the dog looking and feeling like a soft powder-puff. If left to grow naturally, the hair forms fine, silky, cork-screw curls. In the show-ring, the hair is puffed up all over the head, forming a white frame to the mischievous face and dark eyes. When patted, the hair springs back again. The Bichon Frisť does not shed - they have fur instead of hair. They are free from dander and safe for those with allergies and or asthma. Shirley Birkett says when you put your hand into their fur, "It should feel like you are putting your hands into a bowl of whipped cream."

A well-groomed, fluffy white bichon frise

Nyanja Cloud Warrior, aka Mannie

Bichon Frisť belonging to B. Rees, South Africa



A little white dog, covered in bouffant curls

Bichon profile

Under the fur, a Bichon has a long, elegant neck, one third the length of it's body. They carry their tail straight, over their back.

An unaggressive breed, the Bichon frisť likes other dogs.

The Bichon Frisť has a merry, confident nature and makes a great, fun-loving  companion.

Height: 23 - 28 cms at shoulder.

Class: Toy.

Bichons get along with just about everyone, including strangers. If only we could be like a Bichon! The Bible says, "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man will see God." Hebrews chapter 12, verse 14


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