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The Boerboel (pronounced boor bool) is an African dog. Boer is Afrikaans for farmer. Bul, I'm told, means big. They are thought to have developed from dogs that the Dutch, British and French settlers brought to southern Africa, which bred with local dogs.  There were dogs in Africa before the white settlers came. Vasco da Gamma reported seeing dogs owned by the San people in 1497. Read more about the origins of dogs.

Boerboel breeder who may have puppies for sale

Karlien Greeff +27 [0] 82 820 2330 / 082 931 1111 afrikaboerboels@gmail.com. Webpage: Afrika

About boerboels       

Boerboel are big and powerful, similar to a mastiff. They need training from the start, with lots of input from the owner, or they can become a menace to society. No dog should be allowed to attack innocent passers-by. If your dog jumps the fence - get a higher fence! Aggression needs to be strictly controlled in this breed.

In Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, the dogs were very popular with the settlers. South Africa shares a border with Zimbabwe and as people moved back and forth, the dogs became widespread. South Africans developed the breed into what it is today.

Boerboels were established as a breed in South Africa in 1984. The Suid Afrikaanse Boerboel Telers Vereeniging (SABT) is an organisation which promotes and protects the purity of the breed. They evaluate Boerboels at the age of 9 months or older and only register approved dogs. One cannot buy a registered puppy at 6 weeks of age! It can only be registered later.

The Boerboel makes an excellent guard dog. His sheer size is enough to make a burglar think twice! He stands 63 cms at the shoulder and is strong and muscular, with a square head. It is customary to cut the tail short.  They have short, smooth coats. Colour: yellow, red, brown, gray, or brindle.

boerboel with large head & black muzzle

A boerboel has a big head

A huge, formidable dog

Chubby boerboel puppy, fawn

A strong, muscular black boerboel dog


With a boerboel in our yard, we feel courageous! It's a great feeling! The Bible says, "Be strong & courageous, and remember to keep the law of Moses, and you will prosper!" Joshua chapter 1, verse 7.


Boerboel puppy with intelligent face

3 boerboel puppies

Above: Boerboel puppies, South Africa

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