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 KUSA Registered Dog Breeders in South Africa

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Toy poodle  
Toypom  see Pomeranian


Tiny pomeranian

Browdeen *

Dewanze *

Montessa  *

vizsla puppy

 * Weathervane *

Thoughtful weimaraner puppy
West Highland White Terrier.

* Avantgarde *

Little white dog
White Swiss Shepherd Dog litter of white shepherds

Wirehaired dachshund

* Clearview

* Zabush *

Sweet miniature wire haired dachshund puppy
Wire hair terrier  see  Fox terrier (wire haired)


Little cuddly puppy
Wolfhound see Irish Wolfhound  
Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie)

* Jucharanzi *       

Inquisitive Yorkie

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