Cats – Burmese

Beautiful and sleek, the Burmese cat is a friendly, neat and remarkably intelligent feline with almost human tendencies.

Burmese often convert the most anti-cat person into a Burmese enthusiast.  Be forewarned!  They can be addictive, and like potato chips, you may find you cannot have just one.

A fairly new breed, it was first taken note of in the early 1930s when Dr Joseph Thompson of San Francisco acquired an attractive female from Burma which he named Wong Mau.  Through selective breeding to Siamese cats, Burmese became a distinct breed. 

Lighter colored kittens were occasionally produced and eventually the American breeders requested recognition from CFA for these “dilute” colors; first, as another breed named Malayan, then later as a dilute division of Burmese. The four colors recognized by CFA are: sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

Burmese carry surprising weight for their size and have often been described as “bricks wrapped in silk.”   Their coats are very short, satin-like in texture, and generally require little grooming other than daily petting.  

There is a range in Burmese head and body type; the more compact cats with the rounder heads are seen in the show ring.   Burmese have large, expressive eyes that are great pools of innocence, irresistible in effect.  These eyes are their most persuasive weapon in an arsenal of endearing traits that mask an awesome power to hypnotise their owners into life-time love affairs

The Bible says, "A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the wicked are cruel." Proverbs chapter 12 verse 10


A sable Burmese cat can look black until the sun lights up the rich chocolate shade. 

sable burmese cat sitting on a chair

sable burmese cat rubs head on chair