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Caring for Dogs and Puppies


A manual for the dedicated dog owner

caring for dogs and puppies illustration

This booklet is about dog care from the day you adopt your new puppy at about 6 weeks old, until adulthood. It's full of information about dogs. Any dog owner will find the booklet interesting and helpful, especially anyone adopting a new puppy.

A dog requires 15 or 16 years of dedication - and ownership is not to be taken lightly. The more we can learn, the better!




Your puppy's first day in his new home

Introducing the new puppy to other pets

Feeding from puppy to adult stage

Basic training

Correcting bad behaviour

Signs of common dog illnesses

Protecting your garden

How to register puppies with KUSA



The booklet is in .pdf format. It will be sent to you by email on receipt of your payment of R50. Order from eileen@petsplace.co.za