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Breeder of Labrador Retrievers


Willem with a yellow Labrader


Willem Cloete
Cell No: 0836027255
E-mail Address: willem@charcloe.co.za


Charcloe breeders are situated in Glen Austin, Midrand, South Africa. Our Labradors are fully KUSA registered

Labradors are high energy dogs that need lots of exercise and training, particularly when they are young. Our puppies are fun-loving, even-tempered, and ideal for families that consider their dog to be part of everyday life. Labradors tend to have an insatiable appetite for food, life and affection, so they would suit a high energy family who has time to take long walks. Labradors also love to swim.

Our dogs are free running. We introduce our puppies at an early stage to other dogs (including other smaller breeds) so they can adapt to other existing animals from potential clients.

Chocolate Labradors

Chocolate Labrador on guard at the ront door

A puppy from a previous litter

Willem with a chocolate Labrador puppy


The legal stuff

The kennel name, "Charcloe" is registered with KUSA. We register every puppy with KUSA. The buyer gets a KUSA registration certificate. A microchip is implanted.


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