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Copperboots Kennel

Breeder of

Irish Terriers


Elmi Volschenk
Cell No: 0716040288
E-mail: elmivolschenk@gmail.com


Irish terrier breeder in the show ring


We love our Irish Terriers and value them as part of our family, a live commitment to make sure they are cared for and loved. These dogs are special gifts to us. They are compassionate and true family dogs with so much skills!

Our dogs are imported. Our Sire is from Spain. His Registered name is Grand Cliffs of Moher (Brutus).
Our Dam is imported from Australia. Her registered name is Analulan Chantoozie (Xena)
Both are from excellent Breeders!
We show both of them. Brutus is SA Champion in his categories. Xena is also great in the show ring and will have her Championship in the near future! We fell in love with the breed in the early 2000 we saw them on a farm in Ellisras from a breeder and we knew we had to have them and never looked back since! That's why we later on imported these Irish Terrier's for the quality, the bloodlines, and the love we have for this special breed!
They always amaze us!


Family dog, guard dog, and hunter. Good tempered, spirited, and game. Absolutely loyal to mankind. We breed Irish Terriers in correct type and  - most important - temperament.

The Irish Terrier "Daredevil" of the Emerald Isle, is a bold, dashing, and courageous terrier of medium size. Known for his fiery red coat, and a temperament to match, the I.T. is stouthearted at work, and tenderhearted at home. I.T.'s are the prototype of a long-legged terrier, standing about 45 cms at the shoulder. They're sturdy but lithe and graceful. Every line of the body is eye-catching and the overall picture is beautifully balanced. The tight red coat is as fiery as the breed's temperament.


Irish terrier lying on the cool tiles.



Irish Terriers are a dog-lover's delight. If your heart doesn't go pitty-pat at the sight of this technicolour terrier, framed against the vivid greens of the Irish countryside, forget dogs and buy a goldfish.

Dog wins rosette!


Our kennel name, "Copperboots", is registered with KUSA. We register all our puppies with KUSA and give the buyer a registration certificate. We sometimes apply breeding restrictions. Each puppy has a microchip implanted.


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