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The Dobermann breed is named after Louis Dobermann, a German policeman and dog-catcher. By selectively mating dogs whose qualities he admired, Dobermann produced a breed that made an excellent guard and companion dog to help him carry out his police duties. They were registered as a breed in 1890.

A Dobermann standing tall and alert

Dobermann with fierce expression

Dobermann puppies at play

Puppies from a past litter

Above Dobermanns owned by Leoria

Dobermann Breeders

Andre Naude 0827817249, Martie Naude 0824652523, email andrenaude55@gmail.com   See photos on our webpage : AltydLente.

Anton van Greuning 072 605 61 02   antonvgreuning@yahoo.com  See photos on our webpage: Sudobeza.

Early history of breeds of dogs

Dobermanns are strong and energetic dogs, requiring firm handling and training while young. They can be aggressive with other dogs, and people, so they make excellent watch dogs. Care must be taken to teach children not to provoke the dog. 

Dobermanns have a short, tough, smooth coat that requires little grooming.

Height at shoulder: males 68 - 72 cms, females 63 - 68 cms.

Colour: the only two colours allowed by KUSA are black & tan, and brown & tan. Any other colour (blue, fawn, albino) are not allowed by KUSA.

Class: Working. Some people mistakenly call the dogs "pinschers", meaning terrier, but the Dobermann is not a terrier, he is a working dog, bred to do a job of work - namely to guard his master and property.  


Dobermann puppies


Dobermann standing, red colour

Dobermann with docked tail 

Above two Dobermann Pics supplied by D. Lucas, South Africa

Dogs are normally enthusiastic about whatever they do. If they are guarding the property, they do it whole-heartedly, running up and down the fence to intimidate any intruder. Let's you and I be whole-hearted in our tasks! The Bible says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might!" Ecclesiastes 9, 10.

KUSA registered Dobermanns will have been tested for Hip Dysplasia in order for the puppies to be registered, however other hereditary health conditions that Dobermanns can display are vWD (a bleeding disorder), DCM (heart disease) and PHPV (abnormality of the eye). Before breeding, have the mum and dad tested for these conditions.

In South Africa, vets are no longer allowed to crop tails or ears, but breeders can do it themselves. Ask the breeder not to crop if you prefer the natural look.


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