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Ethics for Dog Breeders


These ethics are mainly for breeders, but some of it applies to anyone with a web presence, whether advertising on Petsplace, or on their own website.

PetsPlace has the name of being a friendly, honest website that gives good service to the public. Advertisers are expected to uphold the good name of the website.

Anyone whose dog has puppies is a breeder. If you wish to advertise as a breeder, it has to be YOUR dog that has the puppies. We do not support agents who buy pups from breeders & re-sell them at a profit. The reason is that buyers need to have the breeder's support in case of hereditary defects. 

So NO PUPPY AGENTS may advertise.

Both the mother and the father of the puppies shall be well fed, and both shall be given extra protein during the mating season. The mother shall be well fed during pregnancy and while feeding puppies. 

Puppies must be inoculated, dewormed, have a microcip implanted, and the KUSA registration application must have been submitted before the puppy leaves the seller.

Puppies should be at least 6 weeks old before being sold, to give them time to socialise with their litter mates, and socialise with people.

Advertisers shall answer enquiries promptly and in a friendly, courteous manner. Email must be checked regularly.

Advertisers are expected to give good "after sales service," making sure that the buyers have their contact details. Sellers should be willing to give advice and help with any problems the new puppy-owner may have.

Breeders are responsible for bringing puppies into the world. It is the breeder's responsibility to find life-long homes for the puppies. Should the buyer no longer be able to keep the puppy, the breeder should try to find a home for it. Breeders are often accused of making money out of breeding. Every buyer claims to be a good home. But folk are emigrating, being retrenched, or moving into townhouses. The pets - including pedigreed dogs - are often taken to SPCA to be shovelled into the incinerator.

Advertisers should be on their guard against scams, and conmen. Scammers pretend to want to buy a puppy and ask for photos, which they put on their own websites to scam peeople. Photos should be watermarked. No legal battles will be entered into by PetsPlace website. Advertisers use PetsPlace website at their own risk. Never arrange to meet a buyer up a dark alley! They may grab your car keys & drive off! Don't do business by email only. Make sure you verify the name and telephone number, & address of buyer. If possible, get a physical address and send someone to check them out. Addresses can be falsified. Do a video call to see who you are talking to, and see what sort of home the puppy is going to.

Do not copy photos or words off other websites or books. This is STEALING other people's work. Sooner or later you will be found out and people will not trust you. The photos used must be of your own dogs, or it must give credit to the photographer & dog-owner.

Observe the above ethics, and PetsPlace should bring many buyers, and maybe even repeat buyers, to you! 

Any breach of the above ethics may result in immediate deletion of your web presence on PetsPlace and no refunds will be given.

God provides help & protection for honest, righteous men. He protects those who treat others fairly, and guards those who are devoted to Him. Proverbs chapter 2, verse 7 & 8


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