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Where do dogs go after death?



My personal belief is that dogs go to heaven, where they can run free. They are free at last from the confines of gardens, leashes, pain and suffering. God created all life. When his creatures have served their time on earth, they will return to God's spiritual realm. 



What if your dog gets into heaven and you don't?


The real question is not, "Do all dogs go to heaven?" The real question is, "Do all dog-owners go to heaven?"

I believe all pets will go to heaven - they will have no say in the matter. The only creature that has a say in it, is man. Man has been given a choice. People who choose to get to know their Heavenly Father by reading the Bible daily, praying, and spending time with other believers, will find that "narrow gate" which the Bible talks of, and will enter their Father's house in heaven.


Well, DO all dog-owners get into heaven?


No. Those people who shut God out of their lives, will still meet God after death, but He will say to them, "Get lost! I never knew you!" 

So what we should be worrying about is not, "Does my dog go to heaven?" but "Will I go to heaven?"


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