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Breeders of Beagles


Christopher Steyn  082 708 2875

or Elaine Steyn 073 629 1333

Email: info@honeycreek.co.za

Lemon and white beagle on table.


A big yawn from a sleepy puppy!

There will be a million and twenty reasons for not getting a Beagle, BUT there will then be a million and twenty-one reasons why you need a Beagle. No two Beagles are the same. These energetic, clever, and oh so adorable pups will ensure that you will always want a Beagle in the family. It has been more than 10 years since Coco introduced us to the world of Beagles and we cannot imagine our lives without them. Sticklers for routine... these insisting little darlings will remind you when it is supper time... I think they can read time! But they do have their own time table (of which they will seldom inform you). It is a treat to watch these guys keeping themselves, and sometimes you busy. O yes, Beagles are like having children, if you have one, it is okay, two is better, but having a household full of 'em... they raise each other...and you can just enjoy them. So if you have A beagle consider getting a pack!

Beagle puppy with stick

At Honeycreek, we believe that temperament is the number one key element in developing any breed of animal, whether it be a doggie or a chicken or a canary. Our studs are all based on this key principle.

We keep and breed Tri-Coloured, and Bi-Coloured Lemon and white.

Every puppy has a microchip implanted.

We can fly puppies to any major airport in South Africa at an extra cost for delivery.

We register every puppy with KUSA under the kennel name, "JOMQATANQATON." We give buyers a KUSA registration certificate with breeding restrictions.

Collage of beagle puppies

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