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Jacobs Studs

Breeder of

French Bulldogs


Gene Ruan Jacobs
Cell 062 459 2792
E-mail ruanjacobs245@gmail.com


Dog breeder & trainer with French Bulldogs

Myself with Jimmy, left, and Pearl, right



I'm a dog enthusiast and dog trainer. I breed French, and English Bulldogs. Both breeds are unique, and even though they are both Bulldogs, they are both polar opposites of each other.

Two French bulldogs sleeping together

Jimmy (dark brindle) and Valentino (Irish pied)


French Bulldogs are quite athletic and energetic when the opportunity is given, but the bonus is that they are also just as happy to be relaxed with their parents. They don't bark often but are very aware of what is happening in their surroundings. They are a fantastic small breed that are always accepted in apartment living.
Our dogs are not kept in cages. Our dogs are house dogs and so temperament is a very big thing for us. The goal for a healthy frenchie is very important as frenchies to tend to have health issues and like any reputable breeder we are always trying to improve the breed and make people happy with a good looking, happy, and healthy dog.

We have imported dogs from a few countries including France, Ukraine, and Russia. We strive to breed the best.

Fawn Frenchie with black muzzle


We have a house east of Pretoria, Gauteng, as well as a holiday home on the south coast of KZN. We drive between both homes frequently,  making the transportation for the little ones between Gauteng and KZN very easy.


Brindle French bulldog puppy asleep

Jimmy as a puppy

We register every puppy with KUSA. They are inoculated, dewormed, and have a microchip implanted before they go to their new homes. We may impose breeding restrictions.

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