The Kennel Union of Southern Africa:


The letters "K.U.S.A" stand for the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. KUSA should always be written in capital letters (not Kusa!)

KUSA is the authority on dogs in South Africa. They organise dog shows where dogs are judged by qualified persons. Dogs are compared to the Breed Standard for each breed. A good show dog can earn the title of Champion.

KUSA keeps records of litters registered, and issues statistics on the number of puppies registered, dogs imported and exported, etc.

If you buy a puppy that the breeder says is "KUSA registered," you should receive a KUSA registration certificate. The breeder may post it to you. 

Contact KUSA on ph 0214239027/8  email: info@kusa.co.za  


The Kennel Union has jurisdiction over Kennel Union Members and has a code of ethics that applies to Kennel Union Members.


The Kennel Union does not register Breeders - there is no such thing as a "KUSA Registered Breeder."  KUSA registers and records Kennel Names (Affixes) on behalf of KUSA Members but the granting of such a Kennel Name (Affix) does not imply that the Member is an endorsed or recognised or registered Breeder.

Prior to purchasing a "KUSA registered puppy",  please contact KUSA at 021 423 9027 to verify that the sire, dam and puppies are in fact registered with KUSA.

KUSA Members may apply for Accredited Breeders status, which is only granted after certain requirements and criteria are met. Please refer to the KUSA website

The Accredited Breeders Scheme recognises good practices in dog breeding and promotes responsible breeding. It does not guarantee the health or disposition of the dog, nor that the dog will meet the breed standard or be of show quality.


Guide to registering pups with KUSA

If your breeding stock is not registered, then you cannot register the puppies. 

The only person who can register your breeding stock is the breeder from whom you bought them.

Both parents must be registered

If there are breeding restrictions on the parents' papers, the only person who can lift them is the breeder from whom you bought.

You will need to join KUSA and pay a small  annual membership fee. Ask them for a form. This can be done at the same time as registering pups. The fees are negligible compared to the value it adds to the litter.

If you wish to register a litter with KUSA, ask them for a form to register a whole litter. They will post it to you. You can join at the same time.

ph 0214239027/8  info@kusa.co.za  

Problems with breeders

If you bought a dog & have a problem getting papers from the breeder, there is no lawyer or organisaton that can help you unless you had a contract in writing with the breeder. If he is in breach of a written contract, then you have a case.

Lost papers

If you have lost your dog's papers and want a copy, the only person who can get it for you is the breeder you bought from.


Puppies must be micro-chipped before registration may take place. Whatever agreement is reached between the breeder and new owner is viewed as a private matter, micro- chipping  may be done by the new owner or breeder depending on their agreement as long as itís understood that a litter will not be registered without the relevant microchip certificate being forwarded to the KUSA offices when applying for the registration of the litter. It is recommended that puppies are micro-chipped from 6 weeks onwards.

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When we buy a registered dog, the breeder should give us a registration certificate (pedigree) showing 3 or 4 generations. If a dog has the letters "CH" in front of its name, that means it's a champion. It's good to have champs in the pedigree! Did you know that Jesus had a king in his pedigree? King David of Israel. Read Matthew chapter 1. Jesus was rich, yet for our sakes, He became poor.

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