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Links are placed here in good faith. If you suspect that any of the listed websites are dishonest, click here to report it in confidence. Christian Blog about Lee's bird-watching adventures. Very informative!

Dog Walking, Mississauga, Ontario

Doggy Day Care & Pet hotel in USA.

Pine Lodge Boarding Cattery, South Africa ~

Professional pet care, based out of Westminster, Colorado. USA.  

Raw foods for dogs and cats - a natural diet ~

Dazer, an ultrasonic dog deterrent, stops dogs barking & cats scratching furniture. ~

House Sitters to look after your home.  ~

If you're in PE, you can advertise pets on PE Church Net, which aims to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Put your adspend to good use!

Animal transport to anywhere ~

Dog training in WC *

Get rid of fleas without pesticides ~

Pets transported locally & internationally. =

S A Everything - South African portal covering all aspects of life and lifestyles in South Africa

Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA)


Today's thought:

After Jesus died on the cross it was said of him, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

John chapter 15, 13

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Breeders & Breeds

Beware of scoundrels when buying/selling puppies!  If you have been let down by a breeder or buyer, or if you suspect a scam, please report it!

Always ask the breeder if there are breeding restrictions. Some breeders will not allow you to carry on their bloodline. They put "restrictions" as an annotation on the registration certificate. You cannot register any puppies that dog produces. Some breeders have a contract. They insist that if you buy a puppy, you must have it neutered at a certain age. Don't assume that you will get full control of the dog!

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