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Meyn-Adel Kennel

Breeder of Labrador Retrievers


Jan Meyntjes

Cell  072 421 3271

E-mail Address: meynadellabradors@gmail.com


Jan with a  yellow Labrador

Me and my Dog Ablesing Queen Esther of Meynadel aka Casey



Me and my dog Jesandow Ebony of Meynadel aka Thema

I loved dogs from a very young age. I saved many stray dogs as a child, whom I always brought home. But it was only when a well bred Labrador retriever, named Koffie, came to the farm where I was working, that I truly fell I love with a specific breed that fitted my personality and family extremely well. Before I knew it, she became my ''bakkie brakkie'' and my best friend. I was hooked! She did everything with me, from playing ball to fowl hunting with the boys. She even did tracking when we needed to find injured animals in hunting season. She was well loved by the town folk that soon realised that she was no trouble at all, even off leash. She soon learned which shop managers to bribe for treats and always ended up reporting to the office first thing on arrival. She saved me so many times from snakes, I lost count. A true protector! She was well known by the whole farm community and was stolen from my home one afternoon when I was out. I was devastated!

After that I thought I will never be able to love another Lab as much as I loved her, and decided to go with another breed. I got a Rhodesian ridgeback. Although I loved her, it was not the same. She preferred to stay home rather than to go with us. So two years later my wife bought me Koffie no 2. I was over the moon! And sure enough, I fell in love again.

My Passion for Labradors soon escalated and I have since bought more Labradors, all specifically selected for their Temperament and out of well bred and healthy Labradors that conform to the Breed Standard, so that other people can also have a chance to have a friend like me and experience the love and joy Labradors bring to the family. All my dogs have had their health tests done, to ensure healthy puppies.

Meyn-Adel Labradors are situated in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape and is affiliated at the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA). All my puppies will be registered at KUSA. Puppies are sold on a Breeder Restricted Contract, unless stated otherwise, and will therefore receive a KUSA certificate with breeding restrictions after the pup was sterilized. A microchip will be implanted. Puppies are inoculated and wormed before they can leave for their forever homes at 10 weeks of age. Transport can be arranged to other areas of South-Africa and other countries at an additional cost.

Jan with two Labradors

Ablesing Mistti Promise of Meynadel aka Misti (Yellow, on the Left) and Rowania Tanzanite Blue of Meynadel aka Milo (chocolate, on the right)

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