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Breeder of Bulldogs



Ross Herd

mobile/cell: 071 359 4303

e-mail: rossherd@gmail.com


Ross with bulldogs and prizes


English Bulldog South Africa, also known as Oakenbough and Wattlegrove Kennels, breed and sell English Bulldog puppies. Our English Bulldogs have free range on our 100 hectare farm, Oakenbough, where they thoroughly enjoy their daily walks and swimming in the dams.

In the heat of a summer, our dogs have a much needed escape from the sun in our Wattlegrove forest. The only enclosure we use is a huge comfortable area for any females in season.

A bulldog with a big head 

Bulldog with wrinkled face

We are KUSA (Kennel Union of South Africa) registered. All our English Bulldog puppies have a microchip implanted, and are vaccinated before being handed over to their new owners. Relevant bone fide documentation is also taken care of and given to the owners.

We encourage and nurture a pack environment where all dogs interact with each other so that their socialising skills and confidence are in balance. Socialising also includes the interaction between the other farm animals, including our cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, Alpacas, horses and our herd of specialist indigenous veld goats.

We understand that it is impossible to breed a perfect dog, however, our methods ensure our dogs are as healthy and happy as possible and are raised in a loving and calm environment.

Our Scottish family motto is “Never Behind“ – we incorporate this saying into the breeding of our English Bulldog Puppies and for the love of the English Bulldog. Please feel free to contact Ross if you wish to meet us and our animals.

The kennel name, "Oakenbough" is registered with KUSA. We register our puppies with KUSA and give the buyer a registration certificate with breeding restrictions.

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