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How to plan a safe Christmas for your pets

Don't give your dog turkey bones (or any bones) in case they splinter and puncture the intestines. Keep garbage out of dogs' reach. A dog will eat tinfoil or plastic that has been wrapped round meat.

Christmas tree decorations are dangerous if swallowed. Puppies taste EVERYTHING! Keep the following away from dogs: fairy lights, candles, electric cables, glass baubles, tinsel, ribbon, pine needles, plastic kids' toys, the water at the base of the Christmas tree. Tinsel can block and puncture a dog's intestine.

Chocolate, even cooking chocolate, is toxic to dogs. If the dog smells sweets, it may swallow wrapper and all!

Sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol is poisonous.

Onions, grapes, and macadamia nuts are poison to dogs, so don't give the dog left-overs. Plan the meal so there are NO left-overs! Or give the excess to the poor. Freeze it till you can get it to the church soup kitchen.

Christmas cake that has raisins, alcohol and sugar is poisonous to dogs.

Alcohol & drugs can make a dog sick, weak and can cause a coma. Ask guests to keep drinks up off the floor.

Make sure pets have a quiet place to retreat to when the house is full of strangers. 

Hang-over medicine that contains Tylenol is poison to dogs. Keep all human medicine locked away! Pick up any pill dropped on the floor.

Poinsettias, holly and mistletoe berries may make your dog sick. Many household plants are toxic.

Tie the Christmas tree to a window frame in case a cat climbs up or a dog knocks it over. 

We light candles to signify that Christ brought light into the world      


This year, let's take time off from the stress of Christmas and go to a joyful church service! Look in the newspaper to find out the times of the special services on Christmas day!

Kids looking up at the stars in wonder


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