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  How to Register Dogs


There are different registering bodies. Some breeds have their own register. Our internationally recognised registry is KUSA - the Kennel Union of Southern Africa. Petsplace website regards KUSA as the top registry and authority on dogs in South Africa.

Guide to registering pups with KUSA

If your breeding stock is not registered, it's difficult to get them registered with KUSA.

The best person to register your breeding stock is the breeder from whom you bought them. You might be able to register your adult dogs yourself, but it's a lengthy process, and there is a cost involved. The requirements to register an unregistered dog.

Once both parents are registered, if the parents are registered with different registries, you will need to contact the preferred registry to ask if you can register puppies with them.

If there are breeding restrictions on the parents' papers, the only person who can lift them is the breeder from whom you bought.

Problems with breeders

If you bought a dog & have a problem getting papers from the breeder, there is no lawyer or organisaton that can help you unless you had a contract in writing with the breeder. If he is in breach of a written contract, then you have a case. When buying a puppy, keep screenshots of what was discussed.

To register puppies with KUSA, you will need to join KUSA. This can be done at the same time as registering pups. Complete the form to register a whole litter, and the form to join. The fees are negligible compared to the value it adds to the litter.

Contact KUSA: ph 021 423 9027/8  info@kusa.co.za  

Lost papers

If you have lost your dog's papers and want a copy, the only person who can get it for you is the breeder you bought from.


KUSA Registration Certificate

The registration certificate shows


Name & address of breeder (the owner of the puppies's mother)

Breeder's membership number

Family tree of the puppy

Date of birth of the puppy



It's worth while making the effort to register puppies. When we have a litter, we seldom think of what it can lead to: those who buy puppies from us will likely breed with them. Say we have 5 puppies & those puppies grow up & have a litter each - that 25 puppies in less than a year! It's hard to believe that one mating can start a population explosion! When God told Abraham & his wife Sarah that they would be the parents of great nations - they laughed. They did not believe God, for they were old. But their descendants became like sand on the sea shore. "Is anything too hard for God?" Genesis 18, 14 

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