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I was followed by a Stalker! 

by Yvette Stanley

Apollo was a 120lb Labrador lap baby.Everywhere I went, he went. Everyone who met him, instantly fell in love with him. I thank God for every day that he was here with me. He was the most unaggressive dog you would ever want to meet. He would give little children horsy back rides. When he met someone new, he would sit up and wave at them. My oldest grandbaby would crawl all over him and fall asleep on him.
    I had to drive my son down to Charleston to catch a plane. I got my son on his military hop and went to check into a hotel for the night. It was still early in the day so I took advantage of the pool. There was a sign that said "No dogs allowed in pool area". So I left Apollo in my room with my curtains open so that he could watch me.
    While I was in the pool, I had an unknown "admirer" watching me. When I got back to my room, I had several messages waiting for my on my room phone. I knew it was not from my family since we communicated by our cell phones. When I checked the messages on the phone it was my unknown watcher. He had watched me check in, go to my room, go swimming, etc. I could not call the front desk nor the police because every time I tried using the hotel phone, he was on the line. 
I tried using my cell phone to call the police, and I think everyone should know this, when you are out of your district and dial 911, you get your hometown police department!
    I decided I was going to try to make my way down to the front desk to get help that way.
When traveling, I always carry a small .25. So, I called a friend on my cell phone, told her what was going on, and hooked the phone to my belt, leaving the line open so she could hear anything that went on. I hooked my gun to my belt, put Apollo on his retracta leash, looked out the curtains, didn't see anyone, and opened the door.  
    There my stalker was, standing outside of my room! Apollo spotted him and took off after him, teeth barred, growling, snarling, I had never seen him act that way. The man took off running with Apollo hot on his heels. It took all of my strength to stop him at the end of the 50' line.
Once the man was out of sight and I heard him still running, Apollo walked back to me, sat down and wagged his tail like nothing had happened.
    That one time - that one day - was the only day ever in the 6 years we were together that he had ever shown any kind of aggression and that was to protect me.

    That was my baby and there will never be another one like him. I miss him, but I know he is in heaven with God, just waiting for me to get there to be with him again.

Editor's note:

God tells us to be strong, and very courageous, and He will look after us. Joshua 1, 7.

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