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Vom Jochmorney Kennel

Breeder of Rottweilers

Karen with one of her Rottweilers


Contact: Karen Jochens
Cell: 083 489 1369
E-mail: karen@jochens.co.za

Rottweilers are a passion and joy of mine. I am Karen Jochens owner of Vom Jochmorney Rottweilers, which operates on a plot in Farmall in Johannesburg area. The space allows me to provide my dogs with plenty of room to be dogs as well as areas for training. My love for animals stems from early years. I trained my first Rottweiler at age 10 those days on the police grounds in Krugersdorp. I have owned Rottweilers for 30 years, but only pursued breeding of Rottweilers once I had the right property and good solid Kusa Registered dogs. For me its about creating the best Rottweilers in both temperament and physic within the breed standard.

A number of things have to be in place before one can breed registered Rottweilers, and one of the most important ones is health checks, Hip and Elbow Dysplacia as well as JLPP is a common problem in Rottweilers.

Once our dogs are 18 months, we have their hips and elbows x-rayed under a general anaesthetic. These x-rays are passed on to Prof Robert Kirberger, where they are evaluated according to the standards of the FCI (The worlds largest canine organisation) The results also determine if future pairings will take place, if at all.

A prerequisite for breeding Rottweilers is to belong to the KUSA registry. Both parents must be registered within KUSA and all health checks must be passed in order to breed and register puppies. We do not breed our dogs too young, our females may whelp at the age of 22 months, and we have no more than 5 litters in total per female's life span. All our pet puppies are sold with a breeding restriction.

For me watching the puppies develop and start showing their temperaments is an awesome time, itís a time to start matching their personalities to those of their new owners.

We strive to breed dogs with sound body and mind, giving you a friend for life.



We breed for beauty, temperament and conformation, giving you a friend for life and a family protector. Rottweilers are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia but all our adult dogs are hips, elbow and JLPP clean.

Every puppy has a microchip implanted before leaving our care.

The dogs in the photos are Vom Heydeheim Otto-1 of Vom Jochmorney, Vom Jochmorney Graci, and Vom Jochmorney Zuka.

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