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Yorkies for sale

 in South Africa


"Yorkie" is short for Yorkshire Terrier. (Plural: Yorkies). In this digital age, the shorter the better, so some breeders call them Yorky or Yorkys.


Yorkshire terrier Breeder. KUSA registered puppies

Janie holding a tiny yorkie

Yorkshire Terrier puppies born 1st March, 2022 ready to join their new family now. The puppies were bred by an expert, responsible, caring, KUSA registered breeder. Pups were raised in a family environment. Puppies are R4500 innoculated, dewormed, microchipped and KUSA registered with breeding restrictions. Janie Coetzee 0824558041. Posted 07.05.2022

The Coetzee Yorkie Family

Your puppies ad could go on this page if you register the puppies with KUSA.   Enquire here


A Yorkie will often act fearlessly to defend its territory.  Let's copy the little Yorkie, saying boldly, "The Lord Jesus is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13, 6.


Yorkshire terrier puppies are cute, and they know it!

Two yorkie puppies

There are lots of Yorkies for sale, but do get a KUSA registered dog and have the assurance of a pedigree in writing. Keep the breeder's full name, address, & phone number in case you need advice. 


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