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The affenpinscher is thought to have originated in Germany. The name affen pinscher means "monkey terrier". The face has a mischievous look, like a monkey. They were bred to kill rats. Nowadays they are no longer classed as terriers and are considered a toy breed.

The affenpinscher is a small, cheeky dog with a fearless temperament. They make good fun-loving pets, but children tend to carry small dogs too much. He should be allowed to run and develop his muscles. The coat is harsh and looks attractive when it sticks out around the face. 

Affenpinscher Breeder

Ingrid Linnekugel on 079 234 1410  email  ingridlinnekugel@gmail.com 011 386 6039. Website: www.zabush.co.za

Black,  shaggy affenpinscher puppy


Tousled head of black affenpinscher

Tiny black dog - affenpinshcer adult

Tamarin Thad of Zabush, was imported from USA.


Colour: In South Africa as in Europe, only black is permitted for showing and breeding.  In America other colours are allowed: in USA they come in black and varying shades of red often with a black overlay. 

The hair on the head should be long and wiry on the top of the head, around the eyes, the beard, and the neck. It is shorter on the back.

Comparing the length of a dog to his height, the dog is square-shaped. This is an important point in the breed standard. The eyes are black and round. The eyes should not bulge out. The nose is black. When running, the tail should curve out and upward behind the dog, like a saber (a sword with a curved blade)

The lower jaw sticks out farther than the upper jaw, but in the show ring, neither the teeth nor the tongue must be visible when the mouth is closed.

The feet of this dainty little dog are small and cat-like. The nails are black.

Height at shoulder: Males & females strictly 25 to 30cm.
Weight: Dogs and bitches 4 to 6 kg.
The size of litters is small, perhaps only 2 or 3 puppies, so they are scarce in South Africa.

This is an old breed. Breeds that descended from the affenpinscher are the griffon, and miniature schnauzer.

Group: Toy


Dogs make us happy. Let's thank God today for dogs! Here's a song of thanks: "I will praise you O God with my whole heart; I will tell of all your marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in you. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High." Psalm 9, v 1.

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