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Advertise on Pets Place! Pets Place is a safe place to sell or buy a puppy. The site was established in 2003 and has got a good name. Most of the visitors are looking for puppies.  


Thank you for your website, that brings the right people here, who are serious buyers and not fooling around!
Rienie, GSD breeder.


1.  Small ad       

Pets must be in the process of being registered with KUSA, inoculated, dewormed, and puppies must have a microchip implanted before they leave.  R150 for 30 days with 1 pic of the breeder with a dog, showing the breeder's face. The purpose is to identify the breeder.  More about Small ads  Click here  


2.  Full page ad

R550 for a year. Example of a full webpage If you sign up now, it runs to end of 2022 after which you'll be asked if you want to renew it.

If you have more than one breed, it's R100 per breed extra. Or add the other breeds later. As well as having your own page, You will be listed on the breeders page as well as the page about your breed. More about Full Page ads  Click here.

AND, if you take the full page option, you'll also get a free small ad worth R150!


3.  Website & unlimited photos 

If you plan to have lots of pups, you need lots of pix, & constant updating, so choose this option. You can update it yourself.  From R1025 per year. Includes 1 year's webhosting. Renew 12 months from now.  Online and working the day after you pay. Build it up from there at your own pace. Help given! More about the websites  Click here


We love to boast about our dogs, don't we? "My dog has papers...his grandfather was a top show dog..." Some folk boast about everything they have, but there's one thing they can't boast about, and that's their faith. "For by grace are we saved, through faith, and that not of ourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast."

From the Bible, Ephesians chapter 2, v 8 & 9


Before you advertise, please read about    wording    and    ethics!