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Recommended for breeders.  (We do websites for anything, actually!) For non-pet-related websites, please ask for a quote.



What you get:



Own domain 


eg www.myname.co.za  Instead of "myname" you would put your kennel name, surname, or product name. We register domains in YOUR name, (not the ISP's name) so that you can own it and move it at any time.




A year's webhosting is included in the price. 




Optional - address at your domain eg sue@myname.co.za If you already have an email address, you may not wish to add this feature. A new email address is R200 extra.



Free Updates


Update pages yourself: announce litters, change prices, add photos, announce show ring successes, etc. 



Unlimited Photos


Add as many photos as you want. Change them as your pups get bigger. Add new products for sale.



Listing on Petsplace


Your website will be linked to from Petsplace website which will help to promote your site.


Ongoing help


As well as having a handy help menu, humans are standing by to help you! No technical knowledge needed. Your first page will be your contact details and some info about yourself.  Don't wait till you have it word perfect! Just take the first step and make a start! 





Click the underlined link:  websites


We also do sites with forums, blogs, & more advanced features. Ask for a quote! 






.co.za websites cost from R1045 per year. 





1) If you want a new email address, add R100. (or you can use your existing email at no extra charge) 



2) If you have more than one breed add another R100 per breed. 



If you've already got a domain and a website that gets no response, do speak to us! We'll try to help.


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Getting a website lifts you to a higher position in the public's eye. But let's not just use our websites to lift OURSELVES higher - let's lift Jesus higher! Jesus said, "When I am lifted up, I will draw all men to myself!" John 12, 32


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