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Advertise your dogs' puppies, on one of South Africa's biggest pet websites!


Litter announcement

If you want to announce a litter, this is the option for you. It's good to advertise well in advance so you have time to find suitable homes.  A photo of yourself and a dog can get you noticed. A pic of the breeder with a dog helps the public to trust a breeder if they can see a face. There have been many scams by people using false names.

Only ONE photo is to be included in the announcement. Extra pix cost R100 each. Lots of pix eat up people's data. You can make a collage, of course.

The ad runs for 30 days.

No links to other websites, & no kennel names.

Get your ad online as soon as the pets mate. Don't leave it till the last minute! Start your waiting list now, weed out unsuitable buyers, and avoid last-minute panic selling to anyone. It's better to waste money now on a false pregnancy than to have to bring the price down because you waited until the sell-by date.

Puppies are sold with the understanding that they will be registered with KUSA, and that the buyer will get a registration certificate when the registration is complete. You must say if you have put breeding restrictions on the registration certificate. registering with KUSA, the breeder must get the puppy implanted with a microchip. (Not the buyer) If there is a contract, a copy must be shown to Petsplace before any ad is uploaded.

To prevent scams, pl read the rules about wording! & ethics! (Click the underlined links!)


Example of ad below.

(Your photo would go where the clipart is)

Pups available. Durban. Inoculated. KUSA registration cert will be posted. No breeding restrictions or contract. Microchip already implanted.  ph Sid Breeder 084...


An ad for a litter would go on the page about the breed. If there is no page about your breed, a page can be created.

More and more people are using the internet to search for pets. Advertising on the internet is the "now" way to do things!

To advertise, send an email with wording for your ad to eileen@petsplace.co.za. Bank details will be sent by return. Your ad could be online the day you pay!

Why do the pups have to be registered?

A registration certificate is like a birth certificate - it's proof of identity. Conmen use the internet to advertise non-existent puppies. If they had to give the registered names of the parents, it would eliminate a lot of fraud. Great importance is placed on pedigrees (family trees) in the Bible. Matthew starts his records with the whole registry detailing the family tree of Christ. It proved who Christ was - a descendant of King David of Israel and Matthew goes on to prove that Jesus is the Son of God.

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