What is a webpage?

A webpage is one page. The page is viewable on the internet. Example of a full webpage

How it will help you to have a page on petsplace

A good way to get known as a breeder, or to get your product known, is to have a whole page on Pets Place. A webpage is like a business - location is the most important factor! Put yourself on PetsPlace - it's like  a busy shopping mall, where folk come to see pics of dogs, cats, & pet stuff. 

If you commit yourself to a permanent page, folk will know you are not a fly-by-night breeder. You are likely to be seen as a serious, dedicated, caring, transparent, person. 

Petsplace is one of South Africa's biggest, most visited pet websites and is found by folk using Google. This means your webpage would get visitors. You don't have to ask folk to visit your website - the SEO work has already been done for you. 

If you are a breeder of several breeds, each breed should go on a separate page. This is an additional fee. You can add more words & pics gradually.

Your page can be in any language, but folk from all over the world will visit your page, and English is the most widely understood language. 

You can get a friend to translate your page into another language, and then you can have 2 pages for the price of one: one English, and another in a different language. They will share same pics.

All the breeders listed on the breeders page have their own full page adverts. Click on their names to see examples of what they have put on their pg. Click here if you want to see how breeders are listed.  You will also be listed as a breeder on the page about the breed.


What do I need to do to get my own webpage?

All you have to do is send the info to me by e-mail. Send 3 emails:

  •  Wording to go on the page. Please read what words are allowed, and what is not allowed! Click here. The words must be fresh and original. Don't copy off another website, even if it's your own website! Google doesn't like it if it finds duplicates.
  •  First photo of yourself (the breeder) with a dog (or cat) should be attached to a separate email. In the body of the email, say, "This is me & my dog whose registered name is...." & whatever other words go along with the pic. 
  • Next photo & registered name of 2nd dog & words about the photo.

Once the page is uploaded you can suggest changes, but try to get the right pictures. Changing pics is charged for! It's a good idea to show a pic of your stud dog as he will be the father of litters in the future.

About photos for the internet

Too many photos slow a page down, so be selective!

Have you read about wording and ethics? 


"Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to advertise Pomelene Pomeranians on Petsplace. It's money well spent and I am proud to show the world what my dogs look like. I got more than 100 visitors in the first 10 days!"

Charlene, Pomelene Pomeranian Kennel


All the technical stuff is done for you. Fast, reliable service.  

Lady writing letter with cat curled up on lapWhen writing the words for your webpage, pretend you're writing a letter to a close friend, telling her your pets' names. Keep it simple so that whoever reads it, can understand it. You and I are like a letter that anyone can read. What are people reading when they see us? Paul said, in a letter to his Greek friends, "You are a letter read by everybody. Show that you are a letter from Christ, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the Living God."

2nd book of Corinthians, chapter 3, verse 2 


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