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 Dogs - Airedale Terrier

The Airedale Terrier originated in Yorkshire, England, where they were bred to exterminate rats and to hunt for otters. "Dale" means "valley."  "Airedale" is the valley of the river Aire which runs through Leeds and the wild, romantic moors where the Bronte sisters wrote "Wuthering Heights" and "Jane Eyre."

Airedales are the largest dogs in the terrier group. They are the King of Terriers! The word "terrier" comes from the Latin "terra" meaning "earth." They enjoy digging rats out the earth!

How the different breeds of dogs originated

The good-natured, playful Airedale makes a good friend for a child yet he will stand up to any dog who wants to start a fight. Puppies will enjoy a puppy socialisation class.

Airedales are big dogs and like a big yard for exercise.

The coat is harsh and wiry. The dead coat is best pulled out by hand. Hand stripping and regular brushing help to maintain the coat. Some people like to use clippers on the back and neck to keep the coat short but this removes the correct wiry feel of the coat. Longer hair is left on the legs and beard.

Colour: Black and tan, or grizzle and tan.

Height at shoulder: dogs 56 - 61 cms, bitches 56 - 59 cms.  

Group: terrier     

Airedale champ making his owner proud

A champion Airedale

CH: BUXTON SPECIAL EDITION  "Eddie" belongs to D. Pera 


The King of Terriers can be so meek! So quiet at times we hardly know he is there!

Jesus was like that - He told his friends, "Tell folk, 'Look! Your King is coming so meekly...'" Matthew Chapter 21 verse 5. Let's remember we are in the presence of a King at all times!


Airedale nursing puppies

Airedale mother and puppies

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