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Dogs - Akita

White legs & chest, fawn saddle, black muzzle


The Akita originated in the Akita area of Japan. The ancestors have been used for hunting deer, boar and black bear. There are now two types - the Japanese type and the American type. Akitas are large, powerful dogs.  The broad chest and neck serve as a solid base for the Akita's large head, the Akita's most distinguishing feature.  The broad skull and the short muzzle form a blunt triangle when viewed from above.  The tail is curled and carried over the back, which serves to balance with the dog's head. 

KUSA registered breeders of American Akitas


Tzilla Yanai,  Cell  0837662124  E-mail  tzillayanai@yahoo.com   Webpage:  Kinneret

Ingrid Linnekugel on 079 234 1410 or ingridl@savp.co.za. 011 386 6039. Website: www.zabush.co.za


Typically the male Akita is substantially larger than the female.  The males range in weight from 50 – 55 kilograms, while the females range from 35 – 40 kilograms.

The double coat of the Akita is short to moderate in length, but very dense and consists of two layers.  The undercoat is very soft and is the primary insulator, while the outer coat, or the guard hair, is slightly longer and coarser. 

American Akita, seated. Dark face.


American Akita, Montala Haya-J (Chica) belongs to Mr Colatei, South Africa. Reserve Best of Breed at Grahamstown dog show. The brother was Best of Breed.


   The personality of the Akita is very complex.  While temperaments vary, they are very intelligent, extremely loyal, but can exhibit aggressive tendencies.  The aggressive tendencies are almost exclusively towards other dogs of the same sex.  Akitas have a very well developed guarding and protective instinct. 

The Akita as a House Pet 
   Even though Akitas are large, hardy dogs which can withstand the elements, they have been bred for centuries to be house companions.  The two most outstanding characteristics of the Akita as a house pet are that they are very clean and that they are very easy to house break.  Akitas have been described as almost "cat-like," they are so clean and odorless. 

   As far as the family children are concerned, there are a few worries.  Akitas are devoted, patient friends and protectors of children.  Akitas are typically very gentle with children. 

Is the Akita the Dog for Everyone?
  An Akita is not the right dog for everyone. The person who assumes responsibility for an Akita MUST be able to take control of the dog at an early age.  This means that the person has to be the dominant party in this relationship.  A little work and persistence in training in the early months with an Akita will reap you huge benefits as a well behaved member of the family down the road. 

The Akita is an extremely intelligent, large, energetic, and strongly territorial dog whose life is oriented toward his owners.  If he is the right dog for you, he is one of the most rewarding breeds to own, but this is also a demanding breed, and should not be casually added to the household on a whim.

Akita’s express suspicion with a low rumble; Akitas are not barkers.  They quickly learn to differentiate between strangers and friends.  Akitas are not tolerant of other dogs especially those of the same sex.  Although a large dog, does not require huge amounts of exercise.  It will thrive on a moderate amount of exercise and enjoys playing energetically. 

Akitas can live peacefully with a dog of the opposite sex, though some Akitas prefer being an only dog! Akitas are VERY food possessive. 

Most Akitas enjoy carrying things around in their mouth, including your wrist!  They may take you by the wrist to lead you to the cookie cupboard or to their lead.  It is not an aggressive act, it is an endearing trait.  Try allowing your Akita to bring in the newspaper or the mail.  They love to do these types of jobs.

Akitas will live from 10-14 years with good care and proper nutrition.

  How the different breeds of dogs originated.

Akitas like to pick a fight with other dogs! You and I often feel like fighting too! Sometimes a fight or argument seems necessary to defend our territory, or our rights.  The Bible says, when you want to fight with someone, first try to make peace. If they answer you back peacefully, you will solve the problem amicably. If they don't answer you in a peaceful way, a fight may ensue, but at least you tried to make the peace.

This advice comes from Deuteronomy chapter 20, verse 10.


akita puppy


akita in the garden

              Akita belonging to K & C Rankin, South Africa

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