Australian Cattle Dog

Dog  herding cattle

The Australian cattle dog (ACD) is sometimes called a blue heeler. Blue is a common colour - with speckles & patches. They can also be red - a red heeler! They are also called Queensland heelers. Queensland is a state in Australia.

Australian cattle dog breeder

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Australian cattle dog running fast, ears flying

Cattle watch out! Here comes Duxcha Coleby!


Cattle dog sleeping

A white puppy with black eye patch

An australian cattle dog on the look-out

Australian cattle Dog herding cattle on a farm in South Africa

Above photos supplied by Duxcha Cattle Dogs

About cattle dogs

Cattle dogs were used to herd cattle on the vast ranches of Australia, so they developed a breed that was lean, energetic and muscular. The dogs drove cattle by nipping their heels or tails. Hence the word, "heeler."

The coat is short, dense and oily, with a wooly undercoat. Longer hair grows on the tail. There is a white tip at the end of the long tail.

Australian cattle dogs are never merle or roan. The coloring is called ticking. The blue heeler is possibly the best known colour.

The ears are erect, giving the dog an alert appearance.

The tail hangs down except when excited.


Class: herding

Size: medium - female Australian Cattle Dog about 43 to 48 cm at the shoulder. A male Australian Cattle Dog should measure about 46 to 51 cm

Weight: 16 to 23 kg.

  Confrontation between dog and cow

In South Africa the dogs are sometimes called, "beeshondtjies."


Nipping bulls in the heel is a dangerous occupation! An angry bull can kick back. Some snakes employ the same tactics - lying camouflaged  by the path & striking passers-by in the heel. It's a picture of the way Satan attacks the unwary. The Bible compares Satan to a snake. "He (Christ) will crush the snake's head, and you will strike his heel." Genesis 3, 15. There's an ongoing fight between good & evil.


An alert dog with ears pricked up

Cattle dog puppy on a cushion


An alert cattle dog puppy

cattle dog steps over fallen tree




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