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The Australian Terrier is a small, lively dog. The breed probably descends from British terriers brought to Australia by immigrants. One can see resemblances to Yorkshire terrier and Norfolk terrier, and more.  It was named "Australian Terrier" in 1897.

This unique dog was bred for the Australian Outback. They deal well with the heat, and are excellent snake hunters. They are people friendly and like to live in the house and be close to humans. Strict house rules need to be laid down while the dog is a puppy.

The little Aussies make alert watchdogs and will bark to raise the alarm. They may also chase other dogs or cats away from their territory, so do make sure you have a dog-proof fence before getting a puppy.

Terriers enjoy hunting for small animals and will try to dig up moles, or just dig for the love of it.

Australian terrier puppies

Group: terrier

Colour:  There are three colour types: blue and tan (tan body with a blue saddle), sandy, and red.  

Coat: : The coat is rough and wiry, and has a mane of longer hair around the face, chest, and head.



There's a proverb that says, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Same applies to dogs. It's just a general truism - we all know kids & dogs that are out of hand - but it helps if we have short, fun training sessions with our dog while he is young. Dogs enjoy time with their owners. Reference Proverbs 22. 6

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