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Breeder of Labrador Retrievers


MC Oosthuizen  0827717374

Fanie  0827717364        

e-mail: oosthuizenmc@gmail.com

The breeder with 4 Labrador puppies

Welcome to the Bankeveldt Labrador Family!

We are a very small breeder of Labrador Retrievers. We are offering your family the black, and yellow labradors, ranging from light cream to fox red. The fox red shade was the original yellow colour of labs, but as years went on lighter yellow shades were preferred (the yellow you see today). The fox red is a beautiful colour and deserves to be conserved. When I first saw these dogs I fell in love and I know you will too. Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of love and care.


Fox red Labrador running through the field.

We breed for true temperaments, substance, and good health. All of our dogs are genetics and health tested before being bred. We are extremely proud to have imported some of the best pedigrees of Fox Red Labradors.

At Bankeveldt Labradors we hunt, we play, but the dogs are more than that, they are our family and are embraced by all the comforts of our home.

MC with a yellow and a fox red Labrador


Yellow Lab relaxing


Rubywood Dream Come True Bankeveldt

Imported from Latvia. KUSA registered


We are KUSA accredited breeders. The name Bankeveldt is a registered affix. We deworm, inoculate, microchip, and register all our puppies with KUSA. Puppies are sold with a contract and breeding restrictions. Delivery can be arranged to all major airports or by road.


A black Labrador puppy


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