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Breeder of Siberian Huskies



Joanna Gusarevich

cell:  0739666456

e-mail:  belukhasibes@yahoo.com

The breeder with a prize-winning Siberian Husky


Puppy News!

Puppies available to approved homes sold on pet contracts where breeding will not be permitted. I also have young adults available for adoption. Contact me for more information.


We are Siberian husky breeders in Pretoria, South Africa. We have bred local and international champions, and grand champions.


We showed the above dog at Nationals and he won Best Baby Puppy in Show.



Siberian husky winner


We are the breeder and owner of KUSA National Puppy 2019

National puppy, siberian husky 2019


Belukha Sophisticated MJ

    SA Ch/CAN Grand Ch MBIS

About our dogs

We breed healthy, beautiful dogs with great temperaments. We are proud owners and breeders of Top Winning Show Dogs Locally and Internationally. All parents HD/ED and Eyes have been tested and cleared before breeding. Puppies only available to strictly selected pet homes and over the age of 10 weeks!

I came to SA in 2006 from Bulgaria (Europe) and I got my first Siberian husky. He was a show dog. The Siberian husky is a beautiful breed but is not suitable for everyone. They are a breed that needs lots of attention, hates been left alone for long periods and a bored Siberian husky is an unhappy dog. That is when they get the idea of escaping and destroying what they can in your home. Best thing would be owning more than one Siberian husky as they are pack animals. A big yard would be ideal but again a lonely Siberian husky would not run by itself. Siberian huskies are extremely friendly dogs they would not do well as a guard dogs. Our dogs / puppies temperaments are wonderful with children of all ages. As a breeder and a groomer I would never suggest you cut /shave your Siberian husky coats - that can cause skin cancer from the sun. Rather groom your Siberian husky weekly and take to a dog salon for a wash, blow dry and groom every 6/8 weeks. That would keep coat in great condition. The double coat of the Siberian husky isolates it from cold and hot weather. They only need lots of fresh water and good shade in the hot hours of the day. Sometimes they relax in the sun for hours. 


A playful Siberian husky  puppy

4 little puppies

Siberian husky puppies


Siberian husky with magnificent rosette

MBIS MBPIS KUSA Nat. Pup'14 South African Champion/Canadian Grand Champion

Sophie's Pearl Dream On Tyler at Belukha

Iron Will

Huskies pulling a sled

International Champion, Champion of 5 Countries (South Africa, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Finland) and Grand Champion of 2 Countries (Bulgaria and Macedonia) in 2018 he has placed 4th in the World Dog Show in Amsterdam. Helsinki Winner 2018, South African Winner 2017 and he gained his dog sledding title in Finland. He is the only Siberian husky in South Africa to have achieved that many champion titles, wins and sledding title. Proudly bred in South Africa and owned by us.
Multi Ch Multi Grand Ch Int. Ch Belukha Iron Will ZAW'17 Helsinki Winner'18 SD


Me and a dog, Running round the show ring


The legals

The kennel name, "Belukha" is registered with KUSA. We register our puppies with KUSA breeding restrictions. We give a registration certificate to the buyers. Puppies are sold on pet contract but can still be shown if someone is interested in the sport. We have a pet quality female and male we sold in Cape Town. She is now a South African Champion and her brother has taken Multi Best Neuter In Show awards.


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