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  How to look after a blind dog

Blind dogs cope amazingly well because their other senses take over. Sense of smell is very strong so he will soon learn where the kitchen is! We can plant aromatic plants in the garden or in the house which can give the dog a clue. For example, a potted basil plant in the kitchen and a lavender plant in the garden near the door or some point that he needs to find. 

Sense of touch helps the dog to find his way around. He can detect different textures with his feet. In the garden, we can create paths with different textures so he can differentiate between them - for example a path can be of grass, sand, gravel, brick,or bark. It's advisable to put a path round any obstacle that he may bump into - like a fence or tree. Fill up any holes he may trip over, and prune low-lying branches as he may walk into them and hurt himself. Make sure he can't get out the gate or through the fence, otherwise he will get lost, or injured on the road.

In the house, doormats can be placed near anything he may bump into, like a door or staircase. Mats can be of different texture like carpet, coir, or rubber.

Always have the water and food dishes in the same spot. Furniture should always be in the same place. Try not to have the floor strewn with toys (very hard when there are kids)

He will probably be able to smell where other pets are, but a bell on their collar will help if they are farther away.

Sense of hearing gives a dog a picture of what is goind on. He hears the car coming, the gate opening, garage door, footsteps, key in lock, and woohoo! His owner is home.

Some appliances, like a fridge, emit a sound. A clock ticking also gives the dog direction.

Blind dogs like to live a normal life, so do take him out for walks and play games like tug-of-war. He may be able to fetch a ball with a bell in it, or a toy stuffed with food.

A blind dog has as much love and loyalty to give as a sighted dog, so enjoy your days together!

The best thing about blindness is that it evokes compassion in us, and we treat the blind kindly, just like Jesus healed blind people.  Read what the Bible says in John chapter 9

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