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  Breeder of Border Terriers



Pippa Philip

cell 083 392 1956 

home 028 050 0373

Email: ajfp@isales.co.za

Border terriers wading in the river


We are a small farm based kennel registered with KUSA, situated in the Caledon district of the Western Cape, South Africa. Our kennel consists of Tiggy, our first bitch imported from Essex in the UK (now retired), her daughters, Bordale Dixie and Bordale Teal, plus Teal's daughter Bordale Alexis (aka Tazz). Our current male is Bostead Cachet of Bordale (aka Cash).

Collage of Border Terriers



We got to know these endearing dogs on our trips overseas and we realised that they were the ideal small dog for us. Unlike a lot of terriers, they are placid around the house, but they do love and need exercise. They can become keen hunters if allowed. 

They have  a lot of character like most of the terrier breeds. They are friendly, sensible and affectionate and are good with children. They get on well with our other dogs, although they are not good with birds, small rodent pets and need to brought up with cats to accept them. They are alert, but not overly noisy dogs. They are trainable and enjoy doing agility and retrieving. They make wonderful companions for both young and old.  

Two dogs standing on a rock

Cash and Tiggy

 The legals

Our puppies are KUSA registered, inoculated and micro-chipped. They are sold with a contract and in some cases a breeding restriction is placed on the pups. The name, "Bordale" is registered with KUSA.

This Border terrier likes a high vantage point.



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