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Bull Terrier


Bull Terriers were bred for fighting until the sport was banned. They are strong, muscular, dogs and need to be kept in check when strange dogs are around as they can be aggressive. The Bull Terrier is normally friendly and affectionate towards people. They have small, egg-shaped heads and a strong neck. The Bull Terrier's intimidating appearance makes him a good watch dog.  The coat is short.


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  About bull terriers

Bull terrier puppies need to bond with their owners and must have a strong Pack Leader. Rules regarding discipline must be agreed on in the family. The puppies will be strong, uncontrollable dogs in a short time, if not trained! Ask your vet about a puppy socialisation class near you.

In Afrikaans, the breed is sometimes called varkhond, possibly because they have small eyes like a pig .

Colour: usually white or brindle.

Eyes: small.

Class: Terrier.

They can be any height or weight but are normally a medium sized dog. 

Miniature Bull Terrier

A miniature bull terrier is recognised by KUSA as a separate breed. They have their own breed standard, which is the same as the bull terrier standard, except the height of a miniature should not be higher than 35.5cms at the withers (shoulders)


A black and white bull terrier 

5 puppies in a row

Bull terrier puppies

White bull terrier

White bullterrier belonging to H. Calitz, South Africa


The bull terrier is the gladiator of the dog world: the mighty warrior! The Bible says "God is a warrior ... who unleashes his burning anger on those who oppose him." Exodus chapter 15. 

White bull terrier looking at you!

Bull terrier puppies must be socialised while they are young. It's important to establish yourself as the Pack Leader and let the puppy know his place in the pack. He must not be allowed to dominate you or other dogs. 

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