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The Bullmastiff is thought to originate in UK where they were bred to protect large country estates from poachers. The original colour was brindle, which gave the dog good camouflage when prowling for poachers at dusk.

Bullmastiff Breeder

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Bullmastiffs are large, strong dogs and make intimidating watch dogs, though they are affectionate towards their family. They have big heads, strong jaws and thick necks. They need no grooming but enjoy a rub. The tail is not docked. The colour can be red, fawn or brindle, with black on the muzzle and around the eyes. They need a big yard and exercise.

The dog can become stronger than his master, so train your puppy!

Height at shoulder: males 63 - 68 cm, females 61 - 66 cm.

Weight: males 50 - 59 kg, females 41 - 50 kg

Colour: brindle, fawn, or red. A slight white marking on chest permissible. Black muzzle.

Class: Working Breed. 

Origins of breeds of dogs.

A Brindle bullmastiff is a good deterrent to poachers.

Brindle bullmastiff, La Gratitude Hurricane,  belongs to R. Hill, South Africa.



A bullmastiff who knows his own strength may try to dominate his owner. Careful training will be beneficial. The qualities needed to train a bullmastiff are. "Love, joy, patience and gentleness, and self-control."  The Bible likens these qualities to "fruit." A good tree bears good fruit, and bad tree bears useless fruit. What kind of fruit are we producing?

Galatians chapter 5 verse 22


Red bullmastiff puppy

A brindle bullmastiff puppy

Bullmastiff puppies

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