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Breeder of Labrador Retrievers



 Eltoinette le Roux

Cell 082 928 7810

E-mail elioriaium@gmail.com


Breeder at dog show with chocolate male dog


We live on a farm outside of Bethlehem, Free State. My first Labrador, Sheba, saved my life! I'm a person who suffers from anxiety and depression. I cannot explain the joy and comfort I receive from her. She's my best friend. She always knows how to uplift my spirit. Sheba always warns me when she hears a strange sound, and protects me with her life. She is playful, funny and caring.

Dog breeder holding 3 labrador puppies






Puppies from a previous litter.

Collage of dogs, puppies, & breeder

A chocolate Labrador puppy


Collage of chocolate Labrador puppies


Blue (Rowania Benetoite Blue of Vom Vivando). He is a male KUSA Registered Show dog. Blue's father is Casey (Gr. Ch. Ch. Casimiro Sykstus of Rowania) - bred by Daria Marszalek at Sykstus Kennel in Poland. Blue is kind, protective, alert and an amazing companion to his human father, going to work with him every day. He is also amazing with children and loves road trips.

South African born Sheba (Casaguri Eli-Sheba of Elioriaium), female. She is also a KUSA registered Show dog that has won numerous categories, still on her way to Championship. Sheba has a kind, playful, full of life, and gentle personality. A fantastic mother, friend and companion. Sheba loves wholeheartedly and loves giving hugs and kisses.

Our puppies are inoculated, dewormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks and vet checked before leaving for their new homes.

Every puppy will have a microchip implanted before it leaves our care.

The buyer will get a KUSA registration certificate with breeding restrictions.

We are willing to arrange delivery (at the buyer's expense)


About us

The story of my love for labbies started off sad. We used to have two German Shepherd dogs. One day the male, Kaleb, ran after my father without him knowing. And with his nose searching on the ground, looking for my father, one of our neighbors sadly shot and killed Kaleb. For years we didn't want to get a new dog; we were sad and missed our boy. But the day came that we decided it was time for a new member of the family. One of our friends suggested we get a labby. I ordered my first chocolate labby. Sadly, in excitement, I was scammed and lost all the money I paid and never received a puppy. So I finally got my hands on a proper breeder that guaranteed me a labby. I fell in love the first time I saw her, I knew she was mine. Six months came and I had to decide whether to neuter her. But she was too beautiful. So, I reached out to the Lab Club and I was invited to show my dog. She came in first in her category in her very first two shows. I was hooked. She was hooked. I decided. It was a long process of testing and getting her breeding restriction lifted and learning so much about the breed. Like for instance, it is actually better to wait 2 years to neuter rather than 6 months. They need all their hormones to complete the growing process. And when they get fixed at 6 months the hormones stop the proper growing development.

So, my girl passed with flying colours.


Sheba is now a mother, who is good at looking after and loving her babies. Labradors saved my life - I fell in love and I am never going back. They stole my heart. The Labrador breed gets bored quickly, so always have a crate of toys for them to choose from, to chew to their hearts desire, water to play in, especially in the summer and an area to run and play. My dogs also think they are tiny lap dogs. They love spending time inside, sleep by my bedside and make good house dogs. The labby learns very fast and socializes amazingly with most dogs. Their minds need to be stimulated as well as their noses. They are gundogs after all, and love to smell around and search. This is to them like reading a book. Eventually their eyes fall and they become tired and drift off to sleep. My labbies receive only top quality food, Royal Canin. The puppies are raised indoors with lots of handling and love. At a certain age they go outside to start potty training, stimulate their senses, socializing and adventuring. The puppies are also de-wormed, and inoculated before leaving for their new homes. Mom and dad are both tested with A2 A2 hips and 00 hip dysplasia. Both are EIC and PRA clear. Both are loveable, caring and clever dogs. I love the aspect of trying to guarantee the best from my side, (of course no dog is 100% guaranteed, that's in God's hands.) But I like to try my best humanly possible to guarantee responsible breeding and longevity for your new pet friend. We are KUSA Registered and encourage responsible breeding, testing and showing dogs, and of course, to endlessly love your dog.


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