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Golden RetrieverGolden retriever assists wheelchair-user

Golden Retrievers have been used as guide dogs for the blind, and to assist folk in wheelchairs. They are classified as gundogs because of their instinct to retrieve game birds.

Most breeders are in Gauteng, but there are a few in other provinces. Delivery of puppies can be arranged.


Golden Retriever Breeders

who may have puppies


Jaentell Schlebusch, Landline 0680680026, Cell  0745593881, E-mail  jaentell@gmail.com  Webpage: Pawshappiness 

Sherise Roux, 084 443 0127 or WhatsApp, email: dt.preciouspaws@icloud.com, Webpage: Dyrbaratassar

Sharron Brown 0828307291   sharron@dogsdogsdogs.co.za , Webpage:  Conkasha

Tertius Carstens,  Sel 0829014044, Tel 023 616 3129, Email marankis@lando.co.za, Website www.gelukshoop-kennels.co.za



"All my puppies are sold. Thanx for your wonderful website. Jacolien Rabie, Breeder."

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A golden retriever keeping cool lying in mud


Origin of Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers were bred by crossing a Tweed Water Spaniel with a yellow Wavy Coated Retriever. Retrievers were used to fetch things for their masters. If a hunter shot down a game bird, the dog might be used to retrieve the bird and bring it to his master. Today the Golden Retriever still enjoys fetching things like balls and things we drop. This can be very useful! 

The origins of dog breeds.

Appearance: Attractive gold or cream colour. Coat may be flat or wavy and needs brushing.  Legs are feathered.

Height: dogs 56 - 61 cm, bitches 51 - 56 cms at shoulder

Temperament:  Golden retrievers are good natured, easy to train. They are large dogs who need exercise. 


Retrievers bring things back. God wants to bring US back when we get into trouble! 

Quote from the Bible, "I will bring them back. They will pass through the sea of trouble. I will strengthen them, declares the Lord."

Zechariah chapter 10 verses 10 - 12

Golden retriever with tail held out to show feathering

Above: CH Chrisri Melody Maker


Twin golden retriever puppies


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