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Golden Retriever

Golden retriever puppies are cute & cuddly, but they grow into large dogs. They are gundogs - not couch potatoes. They benefit from regular walks outdoors. You will find breeders on this page who will gladly answer your questions.

Golden retriever by the Christmas tree.

This Christmas, may the birth of Christ fill you with all joy and peace in believing.

Romans 15, 13

 Golden retriever breeders

Jeandr van Niekerk  078 033 1766,  0844079766  E-mail: sartjievanniekerk@gmail.com Webpage: Vomvivando

Johannes van Niekerk 082 520 6870, email johannesvniekerk9@gmail.com, More on our website: Dualei

Cherise Roux 084 443 0127 email: dt.preciouspaws@icloud.com, Webpage: Dyrbaratassar

Charlene Skipp 083 780 7209, email: info@beeconsulted.co.za, Webpage: Chagra

Christopher Steyn 082 708 2875, Elaine Steyn 073 629 1333, email: info@honeycreek.co.za, Webpage: Honeycreek

Sharron Brown 082 830 7291 email: sharron@dogsdogsdogs.co.za, Webpage: Conkasha

Kobus van der Linde 082 2263 1355, email: klvdl@absamail.co.za, Our Website: Lochariko


"All my puppies are sold. Thanx for your wonderful website!" Jacolien Rabie, Breeder.

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History of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers were bred by crossing a Tweed Water Spaniel with a wavy coated retriever. Retrievers were used to fetch things for their masters. If a hunter shot down a game bird, the dog might be used to fetch ("retrieve") the bird and bring it to his master. Today the Golden Retriever still enjoys fetching things like balls and things we drop. This can be very useful!

A golden retriever keeping cool lying in mud


The origins of dog breeds (article)

Appearance: Attractive gold or cream colour. Coat may be flat or wavy and needs brushing. Legs are feathered.

Height: males 56 - 61 cms, females 51- 56 cms at shoulder. They are large dogs who need exercise.

Class: Gundog

Temperament: Golden Retrievers are good natured and easy to train. They respond to kindness and gentle correction so it shouldn't be necessary to shout at them. Let's you & I be good natured too. "A soft answer turns away wrath," says Proverbs 15, 1

Golden retriever with tail held out to show feathering

Above: CH Chrisri Melody Maker


Twin golden retriever puppies

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