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Kerry Blue Terriers


Kerry blue terriers were bred in Ireland over 100 years ago. The name derives from County Kerry, a place in Ireland, and Blue being the colour of the coat. The coat has a bluish sheen and can be grey-blue. It gets bluer as the puppy matures. The coat is soft and wavy.

The dogs worked on farms, ridding them of small pests. They have been retrievers fetching small game on land & from water, and have been used to herd sheep.

Kerry blues can be stubborn, so puppies should be socialised and trained carefully. They are intelligent dogs who can be trained.

Champion Kerry Blue terrier, nicely groomed

Ch. Erindel Skibbereen


Kerry blues are energetic, playful dogs and respond best to consistent firmness. They should be kept under control and not allowed to fight with other dogs.

Group: Terrier

Height at shoulder: 43 - 48 cm

Weight: 13.6 - 18.2 kg

The Irish (and their terriers) have the reputation of being a nation of fighters who will rise to defend their territory. They are much like the nation of Israel, who are fighting for their homeland. The Bible tells us to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Those who love Jerusalem will prosper." Psalm 122, verse 6

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