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Breeders of

Miniature Schnauzers



Lynn Nel

Cell  083 655 8072 

email lnel@R63.co.za

When leaving a message, please include e-mail, cell, and landline for a speedy reply.

Lyn having fun with puppies

Len and Lyn Nel with the schnauzer family

Lynn and Len Nel


Our puppies are registered, inoculated, dewormed, Vet certificate. House training has started. A microchip is implanted before the pups leave our home. We have been breeding beautiful, confident, well balanced bundles of joy for many years. Pups are reared with much love and care, and are well socialised with children, family, and other dogs. Delivery can be arranged. Enquiries welcome.

Beautifully groomed miniature schnauzer in the show ring

1.  Above: Arnold at show - isn't he gorgeous! Owner Lyn Picot. Bred by Lynville.  Photographer Reinette van Reenen


5 miniature schnauzers on a black settee


2.  Above: Jacqui Dreyer's 5 dogs, two of them from Lynville.


3. Karoo at the farm.


Dogs like to be at the gate and be first to see who is coming

4. Three teenagers at garden gate


Karoo, our new stud dog.

5. Karoo at 6 months. He is now a stud dog


Salt and pepper puppy

6.   Sabastian at 10 weeks

The grandchildren help socialise the puppies

7.  Gabriel with baby pup


Children love to play with puppies

8. Brigitte and pup


Girl playing with schnauzer puppies

9. Litter of pups in the garden


Two puppies playing

Puppy standing up

10. Puppies



Hi Lyn,

Thank you for three wonderful dogs. We feel privileged to own them. They're loving and cute. I love Nonnie, and Hudson's perfect for me. Sam is in love with Griffin. You chose well! Our vet loves them too and says they're good and relaxed.

P. Dold, Johannesburg


Max is the sweetest little guy: beautiful, loving nature, but attitude as well! We adore him.

M. Muller, PE.


Molly is a sweetheart, Oliver a darling. The vet was super-impressed with them and said, "They're beautiful, and well bred."

J. Crawford, Nelspruit



I am a fan of Lyn and her mini schnauzers, and am privileged to enjoy the companionship of three of these precious creatures. (Gucci and Bentley pictured)  Not only do they conform to the breed standard, they are also beautiful, intelligent, and affectionate.

As puppies, my dogs arrived very healthy, secure, and well-socialised, thanks to the excellent care lavished on them by Lyn. Count yourself lucky to be the recipient of one of Lyn's schnauzers.

 Lenka & Chris Tokarzewski     

Two of our dogs in their new home


The Legal Stuff 

Our puppies are registered. Breeding restrictions apply. We microchip our miniature schnauzer puppies.

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