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 Dogs - Malinois Belgian Shepherd


The malinois is one of the four coat types of the Belgian shepherd. They originated in Belgium, and different breeders liked different colours, so the Malinois is now distinct from the Tervuren, lakenois, & Groenendael

The black face can give the dog an intimidating appearance, so burglars will think twice about climbing the fence.

KUSA Registered Malinois Belgian Shepherd Breeders


Jaco Malan  073 200 4609, email: bluesecuredog@gmail.com  webpage:  K9Village

Elizna Zehnder   082 440 2009  email:   amden7@gmail.com    website:    www.amdenmalinois.co.za 

Black faced dog

Malinois from Amden Kennel


Malinois Belgian shepherd relaxing on grass

Antwarpse Wolfrah. Owner S. Van Vliet, South Africa,

Winner of Obedience competition

 Fawn & black Malinois Belgian shepherd, standing

Van Antwarpse Zen Gillea, at 11 months, owner S. Van Vliet.



Coat: short haired.

Colour: fawn with black overlay and black mask

Sturdy Belgian Shepherd puppy with black face

Malinois puppies will enjoy going to a puppy socialisation class. 


A well trained dog can earn a "Good Citizen" award. If you and I are good citizens, we can look forward to our reward in heaven. This world is not our home. We are citizens of heaven. Philipians 3, 20


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