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Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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Natalie Streicher



Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa

Staffordshire bullterrier breeder with a dog

I fell in love with this breed as a teenager; we had a red staffie named Cindy, the ultimate family dog. She did everything with us - swimming, running, playing ball and tug of war, and a snuggle buddy.

In 2014 I got married and moved to a farm in Swellendam. I jumped at the opportunity to buy Xena from a breeder who is well known in the show ring. The day she arrived was magical. A little beauty who played nonstop and loved every minute of life. The first step to my dream was becoming a reality. Knowing where I was headed, I registered a Kennel name with KUSA and did everything I could to get to that point where we could have our first litter. I read and studied pedigrees and came to my own conclusion as to what direction I wanted to go with the line.

In 2019 I found a suitable stud for Xena and she had beautiful brindle puppies. I had to learn a lot and I had to learn fast. My vet has been with me on this journey and has taught me so much.

Camo joined the family in December 2020, and he is absolutely gorgeous.

I pride myself that my dogs are 100% health tested and clear for hereditary diseases. My puppies are treated for worms every second week and vaccinated by week 6. At week 8 puppies have a microchip implanted, vaccinated, and a faecal float is done to be sure the puppy does not carry worms at 8 weeks old. KUSA registration process starts at week 6 and new families receive their puppy's KUSA registration form as soon as it is ready.

My dogs are family pets. Zena is my children’s best friend. Being on a farm Camo plays a huge role in security together with our boerboel. They are both very protective, but they are loving dogs who receive the best care and attention. Both dogs grew up with children, cats and other dogs and have good temperaments. Xena is very protective over the boys.

I have a vision for the future of Monaruh and my main goal is to see the smile on children’s faces when they meet their new best friend for the first time.

A red, and a black staffy at play.

Owning a staffie is a privilege and not something to take for granted. Breeding is not easy and being 100% committed to the mommies during the pregnancy and the 8 weeks after is hard work with little sleep. I put everything into each litter, and I am strict with who I choose to become a part of the Monaruh family. I remain a part of that family for the rest of the dog’s life and we share stories and photos on a regular basis on a whatsapp group.

The application form for a puppy can scare off most people but it is the ones who accept it that I want as part of my dog’s life. The ones who agree and understand that owning a Staffie is a 15 year commitment with many challenges and happy days spent together. With every puppy I sell, a piece of my heart leaves with it.

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